What Are Some Benefits of Ace-K?

Zero Calories

Ace-K has zero calories. Ace-K is an excellent tool for helping to reduce the sugar content of foods and beverages, and is suitable for diabetics.

Weight Control

As a sugar substitute with zero calories, Ace-K can help reduce or replace calories in foods and beverages and offer low-calorie alternatives for people looking to lose and control weight. 1-3

Managing Diabetes

Studies have shown that Ace-K has no effect on serum glucose, cholesterol, or triglycerides. People with diabetes may incorporate products containing Ace-K into their balanced diet.

Provides a sweet taste with no aftertaste

Ace-K has a clean, sweet taste with a fast onset and no lingering aftertaste. Ace-K provides a synergistic sweetening effect so is often used in conjunction with caloric or other non-caloric sweeteners. Ace-K also helps to shorten the lingering sweetness of sucralose and aspartame.

Useful in Cooking and Baking

Ace-K has rapid solubility, is pH stable, and is heat stable so can be used in cooking and baking. 4


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